Welcome to Get Me In Shape this site is starting from the ground up or is that from the middle out? While I get this site up and running and becoming what I envision, I guess you could say this is my “About Me” page as I begin to get this site up and running and doing what it is supposed to be doing.

~ with that said ~

Hi there! I’m a grandmother of seven, an aspiring fitness blogger, and this is my website. I live in the greater Tampa Bay area (Florida, USA) I have a wonderful husband, we have three children and of course our SEVEN grandchildren! Our grandchildren call me Grammy.

It is now just over two months until my 60th birthday, it has been my goal for many years to be in better shape than I was at the age of 30. I seem to have the ability to  procrastinate to the Nth degree; I do thank goodness I have been working toward that goal no matter how lackadaisical I have been to this domain.

SO Get Me Some Goals And Get Me In SHAPE!

Given we don’t get where we are overnight, neither should this site be picture perfect starting out of the gate.

So many things to learn and so little time; yet in five months time it will be my birthday and the shape I will be in then will depend on the work I do between now and then – so – I guess this in one way of getting an accountability partner. As I Get Me In Shape this website will grow and morph and become more of what it can be

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

Make your goals SMART goals

As I go about sharing my journey, I know others will see that they too can be successful, even if they have to start in a place not perfect.

What Are Smart Goals?

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time Bound.

Specifically what is the specific outcome the goal setter is seeking? For instance – say one wants to lose weight … that may be a “goal” but it isn’t very “smart” … specifically how much weight do you want to lose, or the feel of your clothing, or ease of motion … SPECIFICALLY what is your End Goal of “lose weight”?

Specific Goal:  I am going to use me because REAL examples are the best, if you can’t have a great analogy — more on that in later blog posts

What measurement will be used to track progress?

What are the ACTIONS you will take to accomplish the goal set before you?

If we ONLY did what we KNOW we CAN do, we wouldn’t be doing a LOT of things – How Ever … such as flight, yes we can – but no we can not just flap our arms and go.